As the year 2014 enters, five supermoon dates are expected and the first will be on January 1, the first new moon of the month before another one on January 30 (Chinese New Year), making January 2014 the only month with TWO supermoons until January 2018. Here's to love, hope and magic against the apocalypse! 

 happy new year and best wishes 

Here's my quick filler for 2013 - since the last time I posted a year ago, I got busy.  I admit I started my year off pretty chill - having the time to read Murakami's 1Q84 in book form, at home with it's weight on my lap. Then I headed towards my year of unreal, amazing Miamitime basically.  I attended the Fountainhead residency for March-April, the Wild Bush residency in Lac Pacquin QC in June, and went back to work at the Fountainhead studios from July-August. I recently came back from another two weeks in Miami for the shitshow that is ABMB.  I showed work at Pulse with a gallery from Mexico City.  I stayed an extra week after all the fair crazytime to touch real base and to celebrate my birthday for the very first time in warmth, in all of my 32 years on this earth, ending the night by belting impromptu acapella ukelele covers at The Corner til 4am. It was glorious.
I also went back to school... I'm a grad student now at York University and it's free.  Keeping my bases covered, I have to make sure I stay on point.
A few group and a couple solo projects, and making plans for the forthcoming, studio dreams, working all the time, collaboration, sharing, dialogue, finding meaning, love, existential angst, political rage, ADHD etc etc.
And like that a year has whizzed by. Have you ever noticed that as one gets older, every day seems painfully long, but a month disappears in the blink of an eye? I'm a old dog now and will be posting my homework shortly.

I had a good year, and hope you did too!